Florien is a small town about ten miles south of Many. Three popular attractions are the Corley Log Cabin, the Dover House, and the Tree Chair.

The Corley cabin is a two-story house built of hand hewn long leaf pine logs. The house was built in 1859 and is believed to be the oldest residential structure in the area. Dover House was built soon after World War I and indicates the areas rich timber history. The Tree Chair is one of Floriens most unique landmarks a metal porch chair that was left leaning against a small oak tree and has become, over time, engulfed by the tree.

Celebrate Freestate Festival the 1st weekend in November. Among Festival events are log cutting contests, shown left, and so much more. The Louisiana State annual BBQ Cook-off is held in Florien.

Florien also is home to Boise, which employs 460 people in Sabine Parish.