Toledo Bend Cool Down

as written by John Dean, Jr. for Louisiana Sportsman Magazine 

Bass Anglers who frequent Toledo Bend can't wait for hoodie weather in this part of the state.

That means it'll be cool enough to put on a hooded sweatshirt and, most importantly, lower water temperatures that will get the bass on the move from the depths toward shallower water, from the upper end to the lower end of the lake.

It'll be a tell-tale time, as well, for us to determine if there just might be something slightly awry with the bass fishery on this great lake shared by Louisiana and Texas.

With the exception of fair to good bassin' between sundown and sunruse, this has been a blistering hot, trying summer as far as putting bass in the boat. Let's just say it's been more than tough for three months.

It's still brutal, still tough - even the deep fish. I'm ready for a change. So are many other folks, including many fishing guides who have basically ceased going out on the water.

Thankfully, October should be a game-changer. Fall, according to the calendar, officially started on the third week of September. Hopefully, around then we'll start seeing cool front s go all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. That's what we need to see a significant cooling of air and water temperatures.

What will happen then? When the water temperature gets out of the lower 90s and upper 80s, baitfish like shad respond and move shallower, as do the bass.