84 Year Old Donald Wendt's Catch

84 year old Donald Wendt catches a 9.64 lb. bass on his 43rd annual trip from Kentucky to Toledo Bend.

Toledo Bend is spitting out lots of true fish stories this season with over 70 lunkers recorded in the Toledo Bend Lake Association’s Lunker Bass program and with the record catch George Herr made in November of five fish weighing in at 40.45 lbs.

Another story that warmed the hearts of some locals was that of 84 year old George Wendt of Bowling Green, Kentucky, on his 43rd year of coming to Toledo Bend Lake he caught a 9.64 lb. bass. It’s great when catching a fish that size. It is a special moment in a person’s life.

George and friends started coming to Toledo Bend in 1972. They were seeking a warm climate to fish during Spring Break plus they had been told there was good fishing everywhere. They would load up and come as soon as school was out on Friday and start back a week later. In later years, Stephen Wendt who is a contractor in Bloomington, Indiana began coming with his dad.