No Man's Land "Free for All" Bass Tournament
Tuesday, April 30, 2019 to Thursday, October 31, 2019
Toledo Bend

No Man's Land Free for All Tournament encourages anglers to explore No Man's Land area's lakes, bayous and rivers; to catch largemouth bass and upload their digital photos in competition for cash prizes and awards. Judges will check the photos, verify the scores, and declare winners based on the length of each competitor's bass.

There's no entry fee for this event; it truly is "free for all." Prizes are being provided by event sponsors.

Competitors agree to abide by Event Rules, Terms and Conditions.  This competition will be great for ALL!


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Tournament Rules

No Man’s Land Free for All


1.       Competition Overview

a.        This is a Catch-Photo-Release tournament for largemouth bass caught in public waters only; fish are not required to be retained by competitors but may be released after photographs are taken.

b.       Restricted areas designated “Private,” “No Trespass,” or with similar postings are out-of-bounds; fish caught in those areas are ineligible to be submitted for competition.

c.        Scoring of photographed bass is based on fish length, not on weight, in quarter-inch increments.

d.       The smallest length bass that may be submitted for scoring is 14.00”. Photos of bass shorter than the minimum will be denied. If deductions reduce a photo’s score to less than 14.00”, that photo will be denied.

e.       A competitor’s score is the sum of the lengths of his five (5) longest bass (highest-scoring photos) caught from eligible water during competition.

f.         KBF Big Bass Side Pot is $25 for the entire season. Awards for biggest (highest scoring photo) each week ($100), month ($500), and event ($1,000).

2.       Eligibility

a.        Registration is open to all anglers; no minimum age restriction(?)

b.       Largemouth bass submitted for scoring must be caught from public areas any of these bodies of water in Southwest Louisiana:

                                                               i.      Sabine River

                                                              ii.      Anacoco Lake

                                                            iii.      Toledo Bend Reservoir

                                                            iv.      Red River

                                                              v.      Calcasieu

                                                            vi.      Bundick Lake

                                                           vii.      Ouiska Chitto

3.       Registration

a.        Free entry

b.       Register on TourneyX at any time until October

c.        Agree to abide by rules, term and conditions, including term and conditions of the Liability Release & Waiver Agreement

d.       Print and cut out an Event ID Card

e.       Upon registering, find the unique 4-character Event ID Code and print it and your name on the Event ID Card

4.       Competition Period

a.        No fish caught before 12:00 a.m. CST February 15, 2019 is eligible for submission

b.       Photo submission deadline is 11:59 p.m. on October 31, 2019.

c.        Fish must be caught and photos uploaded during competition period.

5.       Method of Fishing

a.        Method — fishing is permitted from bank, dock, pier, shore, or while wading, or from any floating platform or watercraft. No restrictions regarding propulsion, size, or configuration.

b.       Tactic — Fish must be caught using rod and reel with artificial. No trot-lines, branch lines, jug fishing, noodling, gill-netting, etc. Only one rod may be in use at a time.

c.        Landing — Fish may be landed by lifting the line, dragging the fish onto land, by hand or using a landing net

d.       Cooperation — Each competitor must position himself, make the cast, move and retrieve the lure, set the hook, reel in the fish, and land it without assistance from another person.

6.       Photo requirements

a.        Each photo must be of a fish on an approved measuring board:

                                                               i.      Hawg Trough by Hagans []

                                                              ii.      Ketch Products Measuring Board []

                                                            iii.      Yak Gear Fish Stik []

b.       Fish must lie centered on the measuring board with its mouth touching the “fence” (a.k.a. “bump”; upright end of the board), left eye upward and right eye against the measuring board.

c.        Both ends of the bass must be visible in photos (not cropped off in photo or covered by fingers or hand)

d.       No straps, clips or other restraining device may be used to secure bass to measuring board.

e.       Hook/lure may remain attached in photo but line must be relaxed and not used as a restraint.

f.         Mouth may be open or closed; no penalty for mouth position.

g.        Length is determined by the longest point at which the tail tip touches the measuring board, or if the tail tip extends off the measuring board, the farthest point at which the touches the measuring board. If that point is between two quarter-inch marks, measurement is rounded down to the lower quarter inch.

h.       Bass tail must be fully in contact with the measuring board. If bass’ lifts its tail fin off the measuring board, photo will be denied.

i.         Photo must be taken with a smart phone or other digital camera that can be used to upload the digital photographs through the TourneyX App or Website.

j.         Event ID Card with the Competitor’s name and unique Angler Event ID Code must be in the photo, legible, and positioned above, below, or beside (not on) the bass.

7.       Safety

a.        If fishing from a boat, competitor must comply with all USCG, state and local regulations regarding lighting, signal devices, life jackets and flotation.

b.       Competitors in watercraft (kayaks, canoes, SUPs, pirogues, jon boats, pontoon boats, bass boats, etc.) must wear properly-sized and fastened USGC-approved personal flotation device (PFD, i.e., lifejacket) during competition.