May 2015

Fishing with the Family

Fun on the water at Toledo Bend Lake

By Danny Lee

The hum of the tires had lulled everybody else to sleep, but as I drew nearer to our destination in Western Louisiana, the back-and-forth of the curvy two-lane road caused my family to stir.

My wife, Melissa, was the first to wake, looking quietly out the window at the piney woods upland rolling past.

Slabs down deep - How to catch Toledo Bend crappie in the heat of summer

Want to catch crappie every day, even when temperatures sizzle the waters of Toledo Bend? Just follow the advice of this proven perch jerker.

Article by:  Chris Berzas for Louisiana Sportsman

Toledo Bend has been on an amazing run lately, producing numbers of double-digit bass.

But that’s not the only fish swimming in this huge reservoir. No, crappie literally swarm in the Bend, and they grow to whopper sizes.