March 2015

Toledo Bend now!

Article by Chris Berzas

By March 1, Toledo Bend has delivered at least 28 lunker largemouths, 10-pounds-or-better, to anglers entering these fish in the Toledo Bend Lunker Bass Program.

And it is a certainty many more lunker bass of that size are on the way during the spring and summer months.

Toledo Bend’s other lunkers

Article by:  Chris Berzas

You know the saying.

“You can’t see the forest through the trees.” This certainly applies to bass at Toledo Bend as these trees are the many lunkers 10-pounds-and-over taken in the last two years.

The appearance of all these fish are a phenomenon, so much so that most every day the parking lot at Toledo Town and Tackle is as full as it gets during the weekend.

Toading at Toledo — Keys to fishing frogs for bass

By Chris Berzas

There’s more to spring bass fishing on Toledo Bend than picking lunkers off their beds. It’s also the perfect time to fish with plastic frogs, and these experts tell you how.

In Grimm’s Fairy Tales there is a story about a princess who made a deal with a frog who had secured her lost golden ball from the depths of a well.

Lunker parade continues non-stop on Toledo Bend

Chris Berzas for Louisiana Sportsman

Three more 10-pound monsters landed last week

It’s March Madness time with the NCAA basketball tournament, and the same can be said for bass fishermen lucky enough to find themselves at Toledo Bend during this month’s spawn.

The action has been fast and furious, seemingly with at least one 10-pounder caught from the reservoir almost every day.