Parish Profile

Parish Profile and Area Municipalities

Parish Population

  • 24,325

Climate Information

  • Annual Average Temperature 63 degrees
  • Average Rainfall 52.3 inches
  • Average Elevation 321 feet

Tax Information

  • State Tax 4.45%
  • Parish Tax 4.625%
  • Municipal taxes vary from 5.625-6.625%
  • Homestead Exemption available up to $75,000.00

Sabine School District Enrollment

  • Many High School
  • Many Jr High School
  • Many Elementary School
  • Florien High School
  • Florien Elementary School
  • Zwolle High School
  • Zwolle Intermediate School
  • Zwolle Elementary School
  • Converse High School
  • Ebarb High School
  • Negreet High School
  • Pleasant Hill High School
  • Belmont Union Christian Academy (Private)
  • Eagle Christian Academy (Private)

Parish Industry
Leading Employers in Sabine Parish

Company Name

Primary Industry


Sabine Parish School District

Public Schools K-12


Boise Cascade Company

Lumber & Plywood Product Manufacturing


Market Basket Supermarket

Grocery Stores & Supermarkets


Weyerhaeuser - Zwolle

Lumber & Plywood Producer


Sabine Parish of



Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Discount Department Stores 


Sabine Medical Center



La Depart  of Transportation and Development



ARC of Sabine

Social Assistance


Cypress Bend Golf Course

Hotels, Motels & Resorts


State of Louisiana Civil Service



Sabine Parish Sheriff's Office

US Municipal Governments


MTP Drivetrain Services, L.L.C.

Automobile Parts Manufacturing


GBW Railcar Services, L.L.C.

Transportation Services Sector


Northwest Louisiana Technical College

Colleges & Universities


Sabine River Authority



Toledo Nursing Center Inc

Nursing Homes & Long-Term Care Facilities


Brookshire Brothers, Ltd.

Grocery Stores & Supermarkets


Sabine State Bank And Trust Company

Banks & Credit Unions


Office of Family Support



Sabine Parish Library



Source: NLEP Employer Surveys; Louisiana Economic Development - Info for Partners and Allies (2016)


Sabine Parish Workforce


Civilian Labor Force


Total Employed


Total Un-employed


Unemployment Rate


La. Workforce Commission, Labor Market Statistics, Local Area Unemployment Statistics, not seasonally adjusted, September 2017


Towns and Villages in SABINE PARISH are:

  • Many- (Parish Seat)
  • Zwolle- celebrates its rich Spanish heritage each October with the Tamale Fiesta and in May, pays tribute to the importance of timber and logging industry to the area with the Loggers and Forestry Festival
  • Florien- remembers Sabine Parishs past as a No Mans Land or Neutral Strip (where neither the French nor the Spanish or United States had claim to the area) with a Freestate Festival each November
  • Pleasant Hill-site of the last Confederate victory of the Civil War and the annual Re-enactment of the Battle of Pleasant Hill, held each April
  • Converse, Noble and Negreet- quaint villages that are integral to the history of Sabine Parish
  • Fisher- a true step back in time, the last of Louisiana's sawmill towns, Fisher celebrates Sawmill Days in May, major buildings on National Historic Register
  • Ebarb- a community that celebrates its Native American roots with colorful and exciting POW WOWS during the year.

Other attractions in TOLEDO BEND COUNTRY are

  • Toledo Bend Reservoir-a haven for fishing, boating, skiing, camping and golfing
  • Fort Jesup State Historic Site- original kitchen/mess building, officers’ quarters, gift shop, interpretive exhibits, museum and picnic area
  • North Toledo Bend State Park- 900-acres of pine woodland, with abundant waterfront accommodations and activities
  • South Toledo Bend State Park- Visitors Center with interpretative areas and programs for children
  • St John the Baptist Catholic Church- original Spanish architecture
  • Cypress Bend Golf Resort and Conference Center- located on Toledo Bend Lake, the golf course is on the Audubon Golf Trail and the Resort also has fine dining and a spa.
  • Toro Creek-provides great adventure and fun through exciting canoeing
  • Kisatchie National Forest- with thousands of acres of splendid scenery
  • Sabine National Forest- with thousands of acres of national forest
  • Logansport- shop at Caraway’s Store, in operation over 110 years
  • Natchitoches- the oldest city in the Louisiana Purchase, dubbed the City of Lights for its massive annual Festival of Lights each December
  • Los Adaes- the first capital of the State of Texas
  • Fort St John Baptiste- built in 1716 to prevent Spanish forces in the province of Texas from advancing across the border of French Louisiane


Leisure Living

Socialization and Volunteer Opportunities

Sabine Parish offers retirees several opportunities to become orientated into the community, to interact with others of all ages through various activities and to volunteer if one desires.

1. TBLA- The Toledo Bend Lake Association is a service group on the lake with 300 members. They have a monthly pot luck dinner and sometimes a speaker on topics related to life on the lake. They offer several opportunities for volunteers during the year.

2. TBCAC- The Toledo Bend Citizens Advisory Committee is open for membership and gives a social opportunity at quarterly put luck dinners plus affords its members a resource for staying informed on local government and ways to influence local discussions. They offer many opportunities for volunteers throughout the year.

3. Wildflowers Club- Formed in 1991 to assist newcomers in acclimating to the community. It meets once a month as a group but offers activities for ladies during the month to meet new people and select groups or activities to try such as golf, quilting, scrabble, bridge, gardening, day trips, etc. membership is approximately 130. Volunteer opportunities.

4. Sabine Council on Aging- Offers 4 well developed locations in Sabine Parish for anyone wanting to take advantage of their services. Operations are funded by a ½ cent sales tax parish wide. Two of the four locations are 6,000 sq. ft. They offer meals each day for those that wish to eat and also have a very active clientele. The SCOA offers line dancing, exercise classes, yoga, scrabble plus other game groups such as pool tables, bridge, a huge quilters group, plus computer classes. Volunteer opportunities.

5. Various church related groups- Our many churches each have very active Sunday school, church services, and social activities. They are extremely welcoming to newcomers, offers volunteer opportunities, and each serves to help orientate new comers into the community plus supplies a support group when needed.

6. Sabine Parish has year round festivals and community events with volunteer opportunities.

7. Cypress Bend Men's and Ladies' Golf Associations

8. Master Gardener's Club

9. Quilting Groups- There is a large network of quilters that meet regularly. Part of what they do is assist learners or give guidance with difficult patterns. They also have large shows each year.

10. Toledo Cruisers Car Club- Car club membership with volunteer opportunities

11. Gyms and fitness centers

12. Rotary Club- Service organization with volunteer opportunities

13. GNO- Girls Night Out is a group of ladies that meet at Cypress Bend Resort to socialize and have dinner. No fee associated.

14. A weekly golf scrabble at Cypress Bend Resort is open to all players.

 15. Gourmet Dinner Club- This club is open to the public and dines once a month at Cypress Bend Dining Room with a special selected menu by the chef and chairman of the club. Couples and singles are paired with different table partners each month in order to meet new people or get to know others better.

16. Depot Art Guild- Artist organization with volunteer opportunities including painting classes, jewelry making classes, etc.

17. Lion’s Club- Service organization with volunteer opportunities.

18. Many Cultural District- Volunteer group

19. Sabine Historical Society- Volunteer group

20. Many Community Center- Enjoy free movies and music concerts with volunteer opportunities