Fishing Toledo Bend Lake Country

Fishing Tournament Results

June 23, 2018 - Media Bass


June 16, 2018 - Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

1st place 23.85 lbs kevin and caleb laysone

2nd place 23.81 lbs dustin nash and johnny ledet

3rd place 21.7 lbs shannon thibodeaux and Rustin McClelland

4th place 18.57 lbs jerry bailey and brendon whipkey

5th place 18.00 lbs terry bass and tony coburn

Big bass 8.85 lbs terry bass and tony coburn


June 2, 2018 - BOSS Tournament Trail

GROUP A WINNERS: Seth Carson and Cole Garrett; Won Z518 Ranger valued at $35k; Weight 44.43 lbs.


GROUP B WINNERS: Randy and Jeremi Farrar; Won RT178 Ranger valued at $22k; Weight 28.86 lbs.

BIG BASS WINNING TEAM: Roger Nixon and Chris Hutchins.
Weight: 8.80; Winnings: $500

June 2, 2018 - Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

1st place 21.81lbs scotty jarnagin and scott slasby

2nd place 21.68lbs dustin ash and johnny ledet

3rd place 19.60lbs aaron Wilson and cody richardson

4th place 19.53lbs clay dardeau and tony coburn

5th place 18.04lbs tripp and tim merriman

big bass 8.76lbs paul Harvey


May 20, 2018 - Sealy Outdoors Big Bass Splash


May 12, 2018 - Bass Champs


April 28, 2018 - Louisiana Bass Nation


April 28, 2018 - Southwest Bassmasters Open Series


April 28, 2018 - Toledo Bend Oilman's Classic


April 21, 2018 - BFL on Toledo Bend


April 14, 2018 - Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

1st place 21.47 lbs Kevin Slaydon and Joe Storozysyn

2nd place 17.47 lbs Bradley Thaxton and Andrew Arriola

3rd place 17.06 lbs Jimmie Box Sr. and Clay Rodriq


April 14, 2018 - 2018 Despino Tire Bass Tournament

1.) Clay & Brett Blaisdel: 24.03
2.) Danny Tups & Joe Wilkerson: 22.02
3.) Shane Hilton & Dusty Anders: 21.13
4.) Aaron Simoneaux & Eric Leger: 21.01
5.) Owen Windham & Jacob Carraway: 20.10
6.) Philip Crelia & TJ Goodwin: 20.08
7.) Cole Stewart & Justin Davis: 20.05
8.) John Hoare & Cody Beasley: 20.01
9.) Jason & Stephan Oweki: 20.01
10.) Chad Rambin & Austin Nail: 19.13
11.) Nick Lebrun & Darrel Vercher: 19.13
12.) Glen Robertson & Jason Pourchiau: 19.02
13.) Justin Coats & Brandon Hall: 19.08
14.) John Benoit & Chris Atwell: 19.06
15.) Jacob Johnson & Shane Cormier: 19.05
16.) Jon & Hunter Despino: 19.03
17.) Logan & David Sherrer: 19.02
18.) Mike & Maguire Parker: 19.02
19.) Jason Robertson & Chad Willis: 19.02
20.) Chris Wiley & Johnny Burnley: 19.00
21.) Jackson Todd & Les Picard: 18.12
22.) James Blythe & Kevin Lasyone: 18.06
23.) Mike & Jeff Davis: 18.05
24.) Dustin Rivers & Benji Jullett: 18.04
25.) Ricky & Ronnie Madole: 17.14
26.) C. Fontenet & Chance Harvard: 17.11
27.) Jason Bruce & David Cross: 17.09
28.) S. Thibobeaux & Randy Patin: 16.08
29.) Dwayne Lingle & Steven Cooper: 16.08
30.) Mark Nugent & Murphy Clark: 16.08
31.) Archie Doore & Lance Fontenot: 16.08
32.) Jeff Wallace & Joe Norris: 16.08
33.) Shane & Don Williams: 16.07
34.) Tim Mernman & Roger Twig: 16.06
35.) Ricky Sims & Vic Cooper: 16.06
36.) Larry Peacher & Nick Albus: 16.02
37.) Kenny Coleman & Jeff Choate: 16.02
38.) Marvin Delong & Billy Graves: 15.15
39.) Jacob Ezernack & Jon Procell: 15.15
40.) Derris Wiman & Zach Gronaro: 15.14
41.) Jeff Holder & Terry Burghart: 15.12
42.) John Keber & Jon Talley: 15.12
43.) Brett Clark & Ryan Pinkston: 15.10
44.) Richard Allen & Kyle Myers: 15.09
45.) Stephan Reitzwell & Justin DuBois: 15.09
46.) Paul Paille & Kyle Hills: 15.07
47.) Brad Hillbrande & Jordan Breaux: 15.06
48.) Jimmy Hickman & Chris Bihm: 15.04
49.) Johnny K & Russ Williams: 15.03
50.) Toby Jones & Sean Lewis: 15.02


April 14, 2018 - Media Bass


March 24, 2018 - Dylan Kyle Poche Memorial Bass Tournament

​ ​ ​ 


March 17, 2018 - Texas Oilman's Bass Invitational


March 17, 2018 - Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

1st place 23.62 lbs
Josh and Brook Champagne

2nd place 22.47 lbs
Paul Paille and Wesley Borne

3rd place 19.69 lbs
Kevin Sladon and Joe Storozysyn

4th place 18.89 lbs
Daniel Bryant and Ray Meshell


March 10, 2018 - South Central Louisiana High School Association

1st place team 15.5 lbs
Garrett Musgrove, Triave Gautreaux

2nd place team 13.08lbs
Hunter Brack, Caiden Moore

3rd place team 11.49 lbs
Cody Seal, Josh Seal


March 9, 2018 - BASS Nations


March 3, 2018 - Haynesville Shale Oilman's


February 17, 2018 - Bass Champs

February 17, 2018 - Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

1st place 25.06 lbs David Gunter/ Dennis Jones

2nd place 24.67 Bradley Thaxton/ Andrew Arriolla

3rd place 20.83 Paul Harvey/ Justin Harvey

Big bass 7.76 David Gunter/ Dennis Jones


February 17, 2018 - Orange Lodge #319 Bass Tournament

1st place with 16.48lbs Mike Price and Levi Martin

2nd place with 15.59lbs Mike Fontenot

3rd place with 12.90lbs Donnie Gill and Mike Willis

4th place with 12.72lbs Galen Bennett and Davy Jones

5th place with 11.89lbs John Wall and Chris Lambert

6th place with 11.73lbs Chris Smith and Dirk Smith

7th place with 11.04lbs John Plaia and Terry Plaia

8th place with 10.70lbs Erin Gatson and Johnny Thomas

9th place with 10.33lbs Fermin Montano

10th place with 10.20lbs Andrew Odom

11th place with 10.10lbs Donnie Boudreaux and Tyler B.

12th place with 8.65lbs Charlie Grant and Adam Baker

13th place with 8.43lbs Eric Reberg and Bullet Lack

14th place with 4.42lbs Alan Dougherty and Victor Lafleur.

1st place with 6.29lbs Mike Price and Levi Martin

2nd place with 4.69lbs Mike Fontenot

3rd place with 4.42lbs Alan Dougherty and Victor Lafleur

4th place with 4.39lbs Donnie Gill and Mike Willis

5th place with 4.37lbs John Plaia and Terry Plaia

6th place with 3.81lbs Galen Bennet and Davy Jones

7th place with 3.03lbs Fermin Montano.


February 3, 2018 - Media Bass


January 28, 2018 - 2018 Mossy Oak Bassmaster High School Central Open presented by Dick's Sporting Goods


January 27, 2018 - Bassmaster 2018 Carhartt College Central Tour presented by Bass Pro Shops


January 13, 2018 - Texas Team Trial


October 21, 2017 - Brothers and Sisters in Arms Dog Training Benefit Tournament

​1st place - Kelly Cotton & Mike Cortelloni
​2nd place - Jimmy Miller & Billy Miller


October 8, 2017 - Media Bass


October 1, 2017 - T-H Marine BFL Cowboy


September 30, 2017 - ABA


September 30, 2017 - Woodward's Bass N Brawl


September 23, 2017 - Ram Truck Open Series


September 23, 2017 - SCLA High School Association


September 9, 2017 - Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

1st place 17.66 lbs Trey Brown and Trent Pharris

2nd place 16.8 lbs Jonathan Harper and Jay Rougeou

Big bass 6.43 lbs Colby Miller and Colton Moore


August 26, 2017 - Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

1st place. 22.75 lbs Bradley Thaxton, Andrew Arriola

2nd place 18.83 lbs Johnathan Harper, Beau Brister

Big bass 7.96lbs Johnathan Harper


August 19, 2017 - Woodward's Bass N Brawl


August 12, 2017 - Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

1st place 23.09 lbs Trent Pharis Darren White
2nd place 20.45 lbs Jordon Breaux Dan Breaux
3rd place 19.48 Jacob Johnson Shane Cormier
4th place 16.11 Cole Moore Colby Miller
ig Bass 9.51 lbs Jordon and Dan Breaux


August 5, 2017 - NSFT

Cooper Miller 11.23 pounds
Trevor Durr 8.62 pounds
Nolan Ezernack 8.05 pounds. Nolan also took Big Bass honors with a 4.03


July 29, 2017 - Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

1st place 28.66 lbs Zack Thompson Jacob Johnson

2nd place 27.66 lbs John Bevans Shane Slaughter

3rd place 23.74.lbs Tim Baker Charly Brown

4th place 22.82 lbs Kevin Laysone Kaleb Laysone

Big bass 9.80 lbs Zack Thompson and Jacob Johnson


July 15, 2017 - H&W Marine


July 15, 2017 - NSU Bass Team Open

1st place- Dustin Nash and Briar Green with 25.95

2nd place- George Jean and Tater Reynolds with 20.36

Big bass- Briar Green and Dustin Nash with a 9.74


July 1, 2017 NSU Bass Team Open

2nd place- Jacob Johnson and Shane Cormier with 23.50

1st place- Brad Hillebrandt and Cheri Hillebrandt with 27.26

Big Bass- Brad Hillebrandt and Cheri Hillebrandt with a 9.47


July 1, 2017 Woodward's Bass-N-Brawl


June 24, 2017 NSU Bass Team Open

3rd place- TJ Campbell and Trampis Williamson with 25.80

2nd place- Tommy Bolton and Jerry Funderburk with 27.24

1st place- Wade Gosnell and Larry Grimes with 30.26

Big bass went to Tommy Bolton and Jerry Funderburk with 8.75


June 17, 2017 Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

1st place Jacob Johnson and Brandon Funderburg 19.49lbs

Big bass 6.79 by Jacob and Brandon

2nd place Jerry Bailey and Cody Carlisle 17.67 lbs

3rd place Daniel Bryant and Shane Burr 17.57 lbs

4th place Shannon Tibodeaux and Rustin Mccleland 17.49 lbs

5th place Tim Baker and Charlie Brown 17.31 lbs


​June 10, 2017 Saturday Night Bites

1st place went to Johnnie Thomas and Eriv Gatson with 17.96. They also took big bass with a Toledo giant weighing 8.78.

2nd place went to Jimmie Box and Robbie Daushtan with 13.42. They also had a Toledo sow weighing in at 8.54.


June 10, 2017 Oilmen's Bass Classic


June 10, 2017 Woodward's Bass-N-Brawl


June 3, 2017 Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

1st place 26.84 lbs - Clint Mayo and David Grover
2nd place 18.27 lbs - Shane Kelly and Jimmy Box
3rd place 18.22 lbs - Paul Elzey and Wade Bell
4th place 18.15 lbs - Thelton Brown and Brad Lewing
5th place 16.82 lbs - Joel Busby and Vernon Tyson
Big bass 7.33 lbs - Clint Mayo and David Grover


May 21, 2017 Sealy Outdoor's Big Bass Splash


May 13, 2017 Bass Champs


May 6, 2017 T-H Marine FLW Bass Fishing League Cowboy Division Event Presented by Navionics

1st:          Andrew Upshaw, Tulsa, Okla., five bass, 30-15, $5,257
2nd:         Thomas McMillan, Choudrant, La., five bass, 23-6, $2,628
3rd:          Gary Caruso, Baton Rouge, La., five bass, 22-14, $1,685
th:          Darold Gleason, Many, La., five bass, 22-8, $1,180
5th:          Matthew McArdle, Humble, Texas, 17-7, $1,011
6th:          Jarred Williams, Bunkie, La., five bass, 16-7, $927
7th:          Brett Hortman, West Monroe, La., three bass, 16-3, $1,623
8th:          Tommy Mackey, Bryan, Texas, five bass, 16-1, $758
9th:          Ken Smith, Dallas, Texas, five bass, 14-11, $674
0th:        Billy Guinn, Shreveport, La., five bass, 14-10, $890


April 8, 2017 Media Bass


April 8, 2017 Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

1st place Justin Cooper and Andrew Dean 17.50. Lbs
2nd place Keith Jenschke and John Hrapmann 17.09 lbs
Big bass 7.65 lbs Keith Jenschke and John Hrapmann


April 6-9, 2017 Bassmaster Elite


April 1, 2017 Louisiana Oilmen's Bass Invitational


March 25, 2017 Dylan Kyle Poche Memorial

1st Cain Hamous and Juddy Hamous - 21.97
2nd Joseph and Dimple Clevinger - 19.39
3rd Dustin Boyt and Russell Sistrunk - 18.28
4th Michael Bedgood and Jerry Hester - 17.48...
5th Chris Gordon and Allen Gordon - 14.71
6th Randy Despino and Robert Despino - 14.11
7th Daniel Campbell and Kaitlyn Campbell - 13.98
8th Kevin Harris and Billy Bonds - 13.97
9th Brad Hensley and Michael Kotz - 12.62
10th Craig Lewis and Cason Lewis - 12.30
11th Nicholas Ezernack and Evan Ezernack - 11.37
12th Lance Fontenot and Archie Dore II - 11.26

Big Bass - Juddy Hamous - 7.50


March 18, 2017 TOBI


​March 18, 2017 Orange Lodge #319

1st place with 29.55 lbs John Viles and Glenn Westfall $540 also 1st place big bass with 9.97 lb bass $300 total winnings $840

2nd place with 14.02 lbs Eric Clark and Terry Clark $270

3rd place with 13.78 lbs George H. Deltoven and Greg Guidry $140

4th place with 13.40 lbs Raymond Hall and Calvin Turner $100

5th place with 13.34 lbs Tim Garcia and Roger Tuigg $ 70

6th place with 12.41 lbs Davy Jones and Pickle $70

7th place with 10.91 lbs Clinton Brooks and ChetnAngela Slaydon

8th place with 10.26 lbs Brandon Moore and Leslie Dowden

9th place with 9.78 lbs Jordan Hollingsworth and Sean Kennon

10th place with 8.39 lbs Justin Roberts and Jacob Jeane

11th place with 7.81 lbs Brandon LeBlanc and Brad LeBlanc

12th place with 6.75 lbs Choceaux Darryl Holton and Alton Dalme

13th place with 3.85 lbs Reid Askew and Mason Askew


March 11, 2017 Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

1st place Chris Hazel and Josh Peek with 24.91 lbs

2nd place Jeremy Burge and Riley Burge with 23.96 lbs

3rd place Billy Brown and Billy Brown Jr with 20.08 lbs

4th place Jeff Davis and Tim ManKowski with 19.43 lbs

Big fish 9.56 from team Chris Hazel and Josh Peek


March 11, 2017 Costa Bassmaster High School Central Open


March 4, 2017 Haynesville Shale Oilman's


March 4, 2017 Orange Lodge #319

March 4th Orange lodge bass tournament results.
1st place $660 with 24.06 lbs Colby Miller and Cole Moore. They also won big bass $380 with a 8.35 lb bass.
2nd place $330 with 18.67 lbs Justin Harvey and Paul Harvey
3rd place $170 with 17.22 lbs Joe Thompson and Bud Whittington
4th place $120 with 16.84 lbs Brandon LeBlanc and Brad LeBlanc
5th place $90 with 16.05 lbs William Dowden and Layne Robison
6th place $80 with 15.49 lbs Donnie Gill and Chuck Hunter
7th place $70 with 14.85 lbs Chris Hazel and Josh Peck
8th place with 14.80 lbs Dean Mitchell and Keith Allison
9th place with 14.25 lbs Chad Guillory and Randy Trahan
10th place with 14.17 lbs Adam Keel and Keith
11th place with 14.04 lbs Dirk Smith and Chris Smith
12th place with 13.89 lbs Terry Clark and Rick
13th place with 13.33 lbs Bullet Lack and Eric Reberg
14th place with 11.80 James Airhart and Richard Wilson
15th place with 11.65 lbs Reid Askew and Mason Askew
16th place with 11.23 lbs Tony Vidrine and Derrick Vidrine
17th place 11.12 lbs and 2nd place Big bass of 7.63 lbs Phillip Lafleur and Alan Dougherty
18th place with 11.07 lbs George Trooper and Rodney
19th place with 10.96 lbs Cody Moore and Clinton Brooks
20th place with 10.04 lbs Charlie Grant and David Czudek
21st place with 9.25 lbs Tim Cyr and Skilar Deon
22nd place with 8.79 lbs Garrett Bass and Trinity Bass
23rd place with 6.93 lbs Jacob and Tanner
24th place with 6.81 lbs Brandon Moore and Justin Roberts


Feb 26, 2017 Bass N Bucks


Feb 25, 2017 Ram Truck Open Series


​Feb 25, 2017 Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

1st place Jeff Davis/Tim Manhowsh 20.07 lbs
2nd place John Harpmann/ Keith Jenschke 18.58 lbs
3rd place Paul Harvey/Justin Harvey 17.89 lbs
4th place George Jean and Tater Reynolds
Big Bass 5.77 lbs came from Josh Peek and Chris Hazel


Feb 18, 2017 Orange Lodge #319

1st place with 16.10 lbs Shalon Nash $600
2nd place with 14.51 lbs Davy Jones and George $300
3rd place with 13.90 lbs Glen Mayo $160
4th place with 13.80 lbs Eric Reberg and Bullet Lack $110
5th place with 13.70 lbs Josh Champagne $90
6th place with 12.89 lbs James Airhart $70
7th place with 12.21 lbs Dean Mitchell and Keith Allison $70
Big Bass was 6.61 lbs caught by our 5th place finisher Josh Champagne $350.
8th place with 11.72 lbs Reid Askew
9th place with 11.07 lbs Johnny Gallion
10th place with 10.78 lbs Tim Sear
11th place with 10.77 lbs Glen Westfall
12th place with 10.31 lbs John Bennett
13th place with 10.20 lbs Garrett Bass
14th place with 10.10 lbs Branden Hyatt
15th place with 9.55 lbs Mike Gill and Alan Dougherty
16th place with 8.84 lbs Norman Eric Neal and Ryan E Neal
17th place with 6.75 lbs Harvey Goodwin
18th place with 6.44 lbs Alva Holton
19 place with 5.37 lbs Clinton Brooks and Chad Guillory
20th place with 5.36 lbs Phillip Lafleur and Victor Lafleur
21st place with 5.25 lbs Alton Dalme
22nd place and winner of 10lb crawfish dinner with 4.48 lbs Mike Roberts and Jennifer Roberts


Feb 18, 2017 Texas Team Trail


Feb 11, 2017 Southeast Texas B.A.S.S. Nation

Feb 11, 2017 Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

Wesley Holt/ Cobey Carroll 1st place stringer 24.34
Josh Champange/ Ty Landry 2nd place stinger 20.01
Tyler wilkerson/ Ryan Wilkerson 3rd place stringer 18.03
Chris Hazel/ Josh Peek 4th place stringer 17.82
Big Bass Ty Landry with 10.02 LBS


Feb 11, 2017 Bass Champs


Feb 4, 2017 Sportsman's Bass Club

1st place team - Brett Bushnell & Clint Bushnell 16.94 lbs
1st place - Clint Bushnell 15.68 lbs
2nd place - Tony Goodeaux 12.79 lbs
3rd place - Jay Rougeau 11.89 lbs.
Full tournament results can be found at

Jan 28, 2017 Tackle Box Open Shoot Out

1st place Justin Harvey, Paul Harvey 21.65 LBS $900
also Big Bass winners with 7.95lbs $490
2nd place Scott Deshetel, John Powell 19.35 LBS $700
3rd place Chance King, Chris Laughlin 19.13 LBS $500
4th place Joey Bamburg, Chantz Wilkerson 18.25 LBS $400
5th place Chris Smith, Randa Smith 17.16 LBS $260


​Jan 14, 2017 American Bass Anglers


2016 KBF Open-October 2016


Bassmaster High School Regionals Tournament- June 2016


FLW/TBF Louisiana State Qualifier- June 2016

Media Bass Tournament- June 2016


Sealy's Big Bass Splash- May 2016


A.R.E. Bassmaster Elite Series Toledo Bend-

Kevin VanDam won with 96.2 lbs.

Live Leaderboard- click link below


Bass Champs- May 2016


Wounded War Heroes Tournament- A veteran was paired with a volunteer with knowledge of the lake and fishes for 2 days, 5 fish limit. All catch and release after weigh in. Hosted 17 veterans this year.

FLW Bass Fishing League (BFL) Cowboy Division tournament- May 2016

Click here to read the article

Louisiana Oilman's Bass Invitational (LOBI)- April 2016

Team Tournament Results

Tournament Big Fish Report

Texas Oilman's Bass Invitational (TOBI)- March 2016

Big Bass Bash- February 2016

The Choctaw-Apache Tribe of Ebarb held their 2016 Big Bass Bash today. Cricket Manshack and J. R. Watson won the event with over 20 lbs of Toledo Bend bass. The largest bass was caught by Lee Hooker... a little over 7 lbs. If you would like to see the winners list log into the Choctaw Apache Big Bass Bash face book page. Click here!

Texas Team Trail Tournament- February 2016

James Dutton and Alan Fitts' 5 keepers weighing a total of 32 pounds takes Toledo Bend. Read all about their win here!

2016 Bass Champs Tournament Trail- February 2016

Bass Champs tournament results are in. Mike & Ashley Gibbs of Hemphill, Tx won the first Toledo Bend tournament this year with 5 fish weighing a total of 28.13 lbs winning $20,000. To see the full list, visit

FLW Cowboy Division - January 2016

Cody Pitt of Many, La., won the Jan. 23 Cowboy Division event on Toledo Bend with a 24-pound, 5-ounce limit to earn over $4,800 in winnings. To see the full tournament results, Click Here!

Kayak Bass Fishing Open - October 2015

KBF members from across the country gathered on Bassmaster Magazine's #1 Bass Fishing Lake in the Country, to compete for cash and prizes in Fall of 2015.  To see the full tournament results, Click Here!

Kayak Bass HOW Big Bass Brawl - October 2015

This 4-day, one-fish competition run was in conjunction with the Fall 2015 KBF OPEN on Toledo Bend. Chris Anglin took first place in this competition and won the Wilderness Systems ATAK Prize Pack for the biggest bass of the four-day competition. To see the fall tournament results, Click Here!

Bass-n-Bucks- July 2015

Bass n Bucks Toledo Bend Lake CountryDustin Rivers and Jeremy Gentry found themselves with a stringer of fish that is every fisherman’s dream at the July Bass -n-Bucks Tournament on Toledo Bend. The stringer, weighing in at an impressive 38.22 lbs., earned the duo $3,500 for first place and the big bass prize at the tournament. Even more impressive is that this is the second massive stringer caught with the past year. In November of 2014 George Herr snagged a whopping stringer weighing in at 40.45 lbs. Rivers and Gentry were close to matching this catch. These stringers are just another great example of why Toledo Bend is an angler’s paradise. 

To see the full tournament results, Click Here!