Fishing Toledo Bend Lake Country

Fishing Regulations

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Bass (Largemouth, spotted): Eight daily, of any size EXCEPT in specific areas (none in Toledo Bend): Eight daily in aggregate. Largemouth bass minimum total length of 14 inches. Spotted bass no size limit. NOTE: for enforcement purposes, a spotted bass is defined as a black bass with a tooth patch on the tongue.

Catfish (blue, channel and flathead): The possession limit for catfish caught recreationally in Toledo Bend Reservoir shall be 50 daily.

Crappie: The possession limit for crappie caught recreational shall be no more than 25 per day with a 100 fish possession limit.

Whitebass: The possession limit for white bass caught recreationally shall be no more than 25 per day.

POSSESSION: Only a one day's bag limit of all species of fish may be in posession while on the water at Toledo Bend Reservoir.